Rene Ricard

I came across these cool Rene Ricard artworks/poemworks via an article on GQ. Ricard is a U.S based artist (born 1946 in Boston) and tends to create  oil on linen works with hand-painted poems in his signature font over “poison green” canvasses and also over normal paintings. I kind of think some of them are so bad they are good? his cursive looks like a dodgy primary school paint job but his statements are that little bit too weird and evocative that I liked them straight away







An art of snooping

A totally indulgent look into how the creative folk in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and beyond dress up their nests. Vauxlair  is a beautiful anonymous photo diary of  some people you will know and recognise and others that you will stereotype the shit out of.


Vauxlair 02-IMGP6539_PAMA-DAVIES

Is blogger’s block like a poor man’s writer’s block?

I hate anagrams but loved this for some reason, text art is always a winner for me- This is a collaborative work by Artist Micah Lexier, and his poet friend. Sourced

artist micah lexier

For You The Traveller


For You The Traveller

For You The Traveller

For You The Traveller

For You The Traveller

Just when I get scared I will never post on my blog again, something comes along and pushes my sheer laziness aside to make me.  I am positive all 200 copies of this beautiful little book will no doubt get eaten right up by hipsters on globe trotting expeditions to ‘find themselves’, however I celebrate as another tactile example of PRINT NOT BEING DEAD! Lonely planet, (or lonely planet apps!) eat your heart out!

Blatantly stealing some words from the guys at the thousands post here but as they say, sharing is caring.

Word by Rachel Elliot Jones:

“For You The Traveller is the first book by Brisbane-based Iranian / New Zealander artist Nabil Sabio Azadi. It’s an incredibly beautiful object – designed, illustrated and personally hand bound in wood and recycled rabbit fur by Azadi – but the idea behind it is even more compelling. Essentially it’s a directory of kind people, with 30 participants spanning five continents. They are sea-changers, NYC escapees, hypnotists, former executives and other things besides. They have pledged to offer themselves as a port-of-call to any traveller passing through their region who bears this book.

Inside you’ll find Pardis Amiri, who speaks of an Iran beyond terrorist exports and camels, Jenny Lockie, who lives atop Seattle’s oldest elevator; and Australia’s own Christopher Michael, who recently left Melbourne for Wye River to return to the basics of his craft. They, along with several other generous souls from around the world, have given their names, telephone numbers and personal stories to guide you on your way.

For You The Traveller is available in a strictly limited edition of 200. In continuing the message of kindness, all profits from sales of the book will be donated to the Swiss NGO Nouvelle Planete, specifically to fund the construction of five footbridges for isolated villages in Ambano, Madagascar.”



Neon- London Pleasure Gardens

Found this really wonderful branding for a new outdoor entertainment project in London called ‘London Pleasure Gardens’  which is opening in a few weeks at the end of June (all my London Ravo girls who are over there should check it out!)

Filthy Media, the agency that came up with the logo began the creative process by looking at the pleasure gardens that existed in London between the 17th and 19th Centuries. These were communal outdoor spaces where people from all walks of life converged to listen to music or performance, admire paintings, stroll and drink.

Working closely with London Pleasure Gardens creative director Hugo Toland, they selected typography and imagery from this period that reflected the ornate and overly-embellished style of the time which you can see in the letterpress styles of type and the art nouveu-esque decorative style that’s reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsly too.

Then the bit that I love- they contrasted the old with the new, bringing in neon signage typography  for the word ‘Pleasure’ and setting the logo in front of the London skyline and also subtly referencing the London Tube logo. Its so subtle but absolutely brilliant. That got me all excited about how cool Neon can look so I found a few neon signs that I liked too. I love how the neon aesthetic these days has the connotation with seedy and a bit rough around the edges. I wonder if it will come back all the way around and stuff like banks and airlines etc will use them again. I am going to keep an eye out for some around Sydney that I like. From memory there are some in Teo’s and the Norfolk, and more non hipster type ones at Harry’s Chilli Crabs and around Chinatown.

Images- London Pleasure Gardens via Graphic Exchange, Aubrey Beardsley ‘Of a Neophyte, and How the Black Art Was Revealed unto Him by the Fiend Asomuel’ 1893, and some cool google pulled neons…

London Pleasure Gardens

Aubrey Beardsley


Neon Beer

Lynnes and co

My curiosity into decorative lettering continues;

I found this guy called Will Lynnes (via a Sibella Court posting on fb) who is the man behind the fonts of some really beautiful sign writing and lettering. He is really both quite aspirational and upsetting at the same time. As his work indicates to me that there really is an art to this sort of creativity and that there is a lot of time and effort that should be dedicated to it for these sorts of high end finishes, not just a scramble of quick chalk efforts of my own that I have become accustomed to. The text in these sorts of things is so symmetrical and sharp it still surprises me it isn’t some machine blasted stencil, maybe its an old school overhead projector image on a transparent.

Here are a few of my favourites, a couple of shots from a new Merivale bar that is opening up in Sydney (just for something different!) called Palmer & Co.
A very cool mad men-esque door lettering for Four Eyes Tattoo
and some super cute little 23 carat golden birdies reverse painted on glass that are actually to mark out boys and girls toilets at The Grounds coffee roasters in Alexandria.

How to draw a star

This will be me as I am about to go do some sign writing at Bungalow this evening.


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